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How Referrals Work

NC LEAP clients enter the program from a variety of sources: community partners, attorney referrals and self-referrals.

Application and Intake Screening:  Once NC LEAP clients complete an application and send all required documentation, NC LEAP will screen all prospective clients for income eligibility, conduct an initial case review to identify the relevant legal issues and coordinate the evaluation and client satisfaction surveys that occur at the end of the engagement.

Eligible for NC LEAP:  If a client is eligible for services, NC LEAP will contact volunteer attorneys by email to seek an interested candidate. Initially volunteer attorneys will receive a brief fact scenario with no identifying characteristics. The first volunteer will be sent conflict information and if the conflict clears, that attorney will be assigned the case. The other attorneys will be thanked for being willing to volunteer. If conflicts do not clear, then conflicts information will be forwarded to the next volunteer.

Case Assigned:  Once the case is assigned, NC LEAP will send a case assignment letter to the attorney and the client. This letter serves to engage NC LEAP's malpractice insurance coverage for the attorney volunteering for the matter. Therefore, it is imperative that the attorney return the acknowledgment attached to the letter for our files. We will follow-up on our referral every quarter to see if the matter is open or closed and to receive a brief case update, including an accounting of attorney time.

Pro Bono Hours:  At the end of each calendar year, NC LEAP will send its certification of the hours you volunteered for the program. In addition to facilitating these referral relationships, NC LEAP will provide community outreach and education activities, as well as, training programs for participating attorneys.